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Aerospace technology, international luxury car industry

Speed contributes more to driving. iTank integrates industrial aesthetics and humanistic concern into motorcycle streamline, and structure design inspiration from aerospace technology and supercar body enables each part of the motorcycle to release powerful energy, flying in ground displacement.

Light motorcycle structure perfectly shows violence aesthetics

Aviation-level wrought aluminium suspension

The front suspension system is made of integrated aviation wrought aluminium alloy and Anodic Oxidation tectorial membrane technology, being coriaceous, light and indurative, which improves the bearing and anti-collision performance to a brand new level.

Application of casting aluminum for motorcycle parts

Aerospace technology, international luxury car industry

The front suspension Most of the iTank motorcycle parts are made of casting aluminum. The external metallic texture and internal tenacity of the motorcycle perfectly combine as one. The entire motorcycle is only 99kg. What you see in its outstanding quality and performance is what you get.

Original design, bearing damping

The unique metal rear rocker arm design sourced from racing enlightenment greatly reduces unsprung mass of the entire motorcycle, and gains an intelligent contact between tire and road surface. Its exclusive horizontal vibration-proof system lowers down gravity center of the entire motorcycle and there are needle bearing in both front and rear, which greatly improves radial loading capacity and front and rear and upper and lower anti-pressure abilities of the motorcycle.

European luxury-car-level technology standard

Full-automatic robot mechanical arm welding

Frame welding is completed by accurate mechanical arm butting, which ensures that each frame shares the same specifications and is sturdy and durable. Electrophoresis technology makes the frame paint more even and full, and alramenting and electrostatic spraying process forms secondary protection for frame which prevents frame corrosion by rainwater and other liquids.

Automobile-level metal paint spraying

iTank is coated with automobile-level metallic paint which has higher hardness and is wear resistant and uneasy to be scratched. The paint film is tenacious with strong adhesive force and outstanding performances of anti-UV, corrosion resistance, etc., which improves coating service life and self-cleaning ability and perfectly presents aesthetics of each detail of the motorcycle.

Advanced waterproof and dustproof grade

The motorcycle and all its electronic components have super-protection grade of all-weather cross-country motorcycle. Even cable line and part interface and other details have passed strict violence spraying test, and waterproof and dustproof grade reaches up to IP65. It can travel smoothly even in rainy and snowy days.

High-performance international tire

Tires from international brands with scientific pattern design render the motorcycle perfect road holding performance, mute performance and water drainage performance. The cycle can hold the road and move forward even on slippery, wet, muddy and even ice surfaces, which ensures stable traveling all the time.

* Tire development partner, Taiwan CST, MAXXIS

It's amazing to make practical application perfect

Appropriate design bears all the powerful inner cores, classic shaping integrates practical aesthetics, and each detail has gone through deep consideration.

Lamp (side, tail):

LED lamps of brand new design has elegant and fashionable shape, integrating driving, braking, steering, license place lighting, high and low beam lighting, etc. It integrates aesthetics and technology and consumes extremely little energy, which looks quite cool.

Lamp (headlamp):

LED headlamp from U.S.A, and high and low beam lamps switch freely.

LED lighting key:

Resolve inconvenience and awkwardness of looking for keys during night traveling for drivers.


Reserve classic design of motorcycle instrument panel and integrate with more modern and intelligent elements. Display driving speed, total distance, battery condition, steering condition, etc., and monitor motorcycle dynamic conditions at any time.

Gears regulation:

Comfortable gear is 25km/h and power gear is 45km/h.

CNC brake:

Milling of a whole piece of aluminum through CNC machine processing improves both hand feeling and service life.

Backup battery box:

iTank reserves a perfect space for you to store standby battery during long-distance journey, which can also be used to store articles during daily traveling.

Gears USB charging jack:

Hidden USB interface, water and dust proof

Surrounding basket on sides:

The design integrated with motorcycle head allows the rider to easily place and take out cell phone or other accessories. The design integrated with motorcycle head allows the rider to easily place and take out cell phone or other accessories.

Intelligent brake for parking:

The rider only needs to place down the support frame during the long waiting process before parking, and iTank will enter the safe braking mode to prevent sudden leaping due to the driver operating starting key by mistake.

Battery compartment covered by aluminum:

Battery compartment surroundings are all covered by aluminum, with anti-theft performance of insurance warehouse level, which can realize rapid head dissipation of battery, close locking of integrated aluminium plate on the top cover and perfect waterproof performance.

Cushioning system at bottom of battery compartment:

Relieve the abnormal noise resulted from road condition influence on battery compartment.
Open battery compartment cover, and the battery pops out lightly. It's quite convenient to take it out.