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Excellent Wheel

The World's First Underneath Side-deflecting Dual Front Wheels

As the first motorcycle with underneath side-deflecting dual front wheels in the world, iTank has been awarded with 17 patents which gain it a comprehensive transformation and breakthrough in terms of both structure and performance and enable the rider to clearly feel accurate feedback of each subtle control of iTank on different road surfaces and experience unprecedented driving fun.
*As the one of the 6 brands able to produce dual-front-wheel motorcycle in the world, iTank is the first motorcycle manufacturer which holds the patent of underneath dual-front-wheel structure.

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Silent roar

Three electric systems are gathered into one, releasing surging power

Globally top-class power and electric system brings an unprecedented primitive power of iTank.
The fearless driving journey makes you unable to stop.

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  • Panasonnic/LG lithium
    battery from South Korea

    Passing through cities
    and exploring for more.
    Just because it goes further.

  • Bosch motor
    from Germany

    Speeding on ground and
    moving forward at will.
    Derived from a young core.

  • FOC electronic
    control system.

    Strong outbreak, permanent
    and tenacious Possess power
    and know how to cherish power

100 km super endurance

In favorite conditions, iTank can enable you to rapidly cross between any two points in any city.
You may also ride out of the city and gain yourself a short journey.

Instantaneous kinetic energy is 3 times of energy density of lead-acid cell

iTank is designed with environment-friendly battery cell of imported original Tesla-level Panasonic/LG lithium battery, with multiple 18650 lithium batteries working at the same time. Capacity of each lithium battery reaches up to 3200mAh, and instantaneous power of electric energy is 3 times of energy density of lead-acid cell, which offers powerful motivational guarantee for instant acceleration, easily supports continuous high-power output of Bosch motor, and gains outstanding performance for the entire motorcycle.
*Each battery cell is respectively equipped with PTC to provide current and temperature insurance for each battery cell.

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Show yourself through the city

Aerospace technology, international luxury car industry

Speed contributes more to driving. iTank integrates industrial aesthetics and humanistic concern into motorcycle streamline,
and structure design inspiration from aerospace technology and supercar body enables each part of
the motorcycle to release powerful energy, flying in ground displacement.

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Multicolor optional

Riding under control

Control on motorcycle condition, electric quantity and road conditions with an APP

The best driving experience comes from cloud interaction between motorcycle and the rider. Motorcycle conditions, road conditions and personal driving habits are integrated in cloud which will generate the optimal driving scheme, making everyday traveling a happy journey.
You can check motorcycle conditions, electric quantity, tracking and anti-theft and appointment services in the APP on your cell phone.

Positioning and tracking/anti-theft/monitoring on battery and motorcycle conditions/query and appointment of service network station/shopping mall

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Fast and easy maintenance and servicing

Professional maintenance and rapid response

◎ Professional maintenance and rapid response
◎ Free reason for return within 7 days,Exchange and no repair within 30 days
◎ All the spare parts can be purchased and replaced in all the service sites
◎ 2-year / 30,000km warranty for core parts(motor, charger, motorcycle frame), 3-year warranty for battery.

iTank Technology is equipped with professional service team which will solve your follow-up worries. What you need to do is focusing on the driving fun.

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