Fast and easy maintenance and servicing

Professional maintenance and rapid response

iTank Technology is equipped with professional service team which will solve your follow-up worries. What you need to do is focusing on the driving fun.

  • Full-time period

    Motorcycle maintenance and repair,
    constant protection from professional
    customer service personnel

  • Whole process

    From pre-sale to post-sale,
    3000+ considerate service points

  • All-dimensional

    Guarantee for motorcycle,
    spare parts and the rider as well.

3000+offline maintenance service sites, quick response from service experts

Complete and mature offline dealer service networks can rapidly help to complete repair and maintenance. You only need to select the nearest service provider to complete repair in a short time and back on your way. You can make appointment for trial run at the above service points.

In case of any dissatisfaction about iTank, you can return the product at any time within 7 days. We will exchange a new motorcycle for you in case of any fault within 30 days. You only need to call customer service call and explain relevant conditions to the after-sales representative.

All the spare parts can be purchased and replaced in all the service sites

All the iTank spare parts come from its own standard production line, with unified specifications and excellent quality. You can purchase and replace in any service site of iTank Technology which you may rarely visit.

It provides a two-year or accumulated 30,000km driving mileage warranty (whichever comes first) for core parts (motor, charger, motorcycle frame) for the owner since the delivery date. We offer your traveling a solid backup force with complete after-sales service and inspection maintenance. If lithium battery is not impacted by external force when being used in specified environment, we offer you 36-month warranty service for voltage abnormality, charging failure, capacity being less than 60% and other faults.