Riding under control

Control on motorcycle condition, electric quantity and road conditions with an APP

The best driving experience comes from cloud interaction between motorcycle and the rider. Motorcycle conditions, road conditions and personal driving habits are integrated in cloud which will generate the optimal driving scheme, making everyday traveling a happy journey.

You can check motorcycle conditions, electric quantity, tracking and anti-theft and appointment services in the APP on your cell phone.Relieve the abnormal noise resulted from road condition influence on battery compartment.

Positioning and tracking/anti-theft/monitoring on battery and motorcycle conditions/query and appointment of service network station/shopping mall

  • Trophy winner in riding

    Master motorcycle conditions in real time
    Mileage is a happy journey

  • Show resourcefulness in driving

    Precise monitoring on battery capacity
    Comfortable and unfettered riding

  • Intelligent riding fun

    Clear service sites
    Convenient maintenance

Real-time motorcycle monitoring and positioning

Multiple intelligent anti-theft and tracking layers. After activating APP on cell phone, iTank intelligent system enables users to know motorcycle position anytime anywhere and displays driving track on map. Combined with positioning function, it is convenient to track down missed motorcycle.

Built-in gyroscope of motorcycle

In case of motorcycle toppling or illegal displacement,
the cell phone will send an intelligent hint to warn you.

Extreme effects of precise control on electric quantity

Check battery in real time, display electric quantity precisely, calculate driving mileage, and remind users to charge.

Make appointment for maintenance and repair anytime and anywhere

Check the nearest service site of iTank in a convenient manner and make appointment for maintenance and repair and road-side assistance with one key. Built-in evaluation functions and timely feedback service have been continuously improving services.