Excellent Wheel

The World's First Underneath Side-deflecting Dual Front Wheels

As the first motorcycle with underneath side-deflecting dual front wheels in the world, iTank has been awarded with 17 patents which gain it a comprehensive transformation and breakthrough in terms of both structure and performance and enable the rider to clearly feel accurate feedback of each subtle control of iTank on different road surfaces and experience unprecedented driving fun.

*As the one of the 6 brands able to produce dual-front-wheel motorcycle in the world, iTank is the first motorcycle manufacturer which holds the patent of underneath dual-front-wheel structure.

It does not only reserve flexibility of dual-wheel motorcycle,
but also has automobile's stability.

a new city favoriteforceful and exquisite

Integrated aviation-level wrought aluminium material

iTank suspension system is forged by aviation-level wrought aluminium material, coriaceous, light and indurative. Front wheel tread is only 460mm. It's more convenient to control driving and steering than ever before, and there is no need to worry about crossing on different road surfaces freely. It's also extremely stable when driving at high speed, rendering each travel with full expectation.

Brand-new vehiclemulti-purpose gadget

Surpass driving experience of many other traffic tools

The independent suspension dual-front-wheel structure ensures independent flexibility of the two wheels and mutual holdback and cooperation, enables it to scientifically allocate strength from road surface, and brings diversified extreme driving possibilities. It can easily manage extreme actions of traditional dual-wheel motorcycles, and can also do difficult acrobatics of a four-wheel automobile. You will be definitely attracted by its passion when it finishes leaned turning at a 30°dip angle.

Fancy drifting and top speed

The most powerful moving tool on earth
is born for the racing track

Solid steel structure frame, front suspension system made of aviation-level wrought aluminium, and racing-level parts coordination endow iTank much more incredible power. When riding on the uncommon iTank, you would feel to be conquering the whole world, experiencing cool drifting, extreme-speed leaned turning and long-distance riding. It's all up to you!

Stable structure of golden triangle

Stable parking after emergency braking
Say NO to rollover

Traditional dual-wheel motorcycle needs to lurch the motorcycle to change the direction when turning a corner. Since there is no third-party support in case of offset of person and motorcycle gravity center, it's quite easy to cause rollover.
The dual-front-wheel structure has stable system of triangle structure and can automatically change suspension supporting force according to road surface conditions. It's not easy to cause rollover even in case of emergency brake, rendering smooth travel in spite of wet slippery road in rainy or snowy days or shallow sand road.

Performance of safety reinforcement

Dual-front-wheel design+hydraulic three-disc brake

The dual-front-wheel structure and outstanding control performance of iTank are born with braking advantages, and the 80mm and 120mm-wide front and rear tires have fulfilled larger contact between tire surface and ground and gained excellent braking effect. In addition, the specially equipped hydraulic disc brake system made of high-strength manganese steel, and hydraulic transmission device cooperating with front and rear three-disc brake further enhance braking force.

iTank is also developed with automobile-level EABS to replace the traditional mechanical braking system, which makes it more flexible, and returns kinetic energy to zero rapidly, thus greatly shortening comprehensive braking distance than national standard distance.

Inherent 5050 centroid middleset moving genes

The dual-front-wheel structure moves cycle weight forward, and the gravity center realizes a perfect 1:1 ratio between front and rear weights when the driver sits down. The motorcycle body ensures driving safety by extending driver's body.

Can not learn? No need to learn!

The dual front wheels and rear wheel contribute to a golden triangle plane support, which has extremely low requirements for driver's driving skill. Even those who know nothing about motorcycle driving can easily drive it. You just jump on it, and it will go rapidly.

Have a good time on your smooth way

The dual-front-wheel structure disperses various kinds of power from road surface, and can flexibly make independent decision and feedback, solid and stable, with clear road feeling. You can almost feel no cycle vibration even on poor roads, and control freely to move forward.